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Quotes / He Will Not Cry, So I Cry for Him

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"I'm certain that... you didn't cry... So, I will... This is your share of tears... Don't say anything. Just for a little while, let me lean on you. Just for a little while... Don't die. Please, you..."
Lyn towards Hector, Fire Emblem

Lal: I love you, Father.
Data: I wish I could return those feelings for you.
Lal: Then I will feel it for both of us.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Offspring"

In a moment it was over. Chie's struggling died out and she lay there in her best friends arms, shaking and panting. Yukiko looked in her eyes and felt her heart break. Chie was scared and confused and feeling so alone, and at once Yukiko wished that their positions could be reversed, that she would be the one trapped in that bed, in that chair. Because if she were the one, then Chie could be her strength, her support.
Yukiko couldn't be that. Chie had always been the strong one of the two of them. She knew that she could never be what Chie was for her. She couldn't, so she buried her head in Chie's shoulder and did the only thing she could do.
Chie never cried. So Yukiko cried for her.


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