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"First, if you do not know them already, allow me to introduce you to Tomas Tang and Godfrey Ho, who bought any number of low-budget Hong Kong films that never would have seen the light of day in the West, spliced in some Ninja footage (sometimes combining three or four movies!) to create something that could conceivably have the word NINJA on the video box, and unload them in the product-hungry video market of the 80s. The more perceptive among you will reckon this might produce a movie that may not be very good. I applaud your insight, and admire your understatement: this produces movies that are abominable."
The Bad Movie Report, review of Ninja Phantom Heroes.

White Ninja: Who are you?
Red Ninja: Ivan the Red.
White Ninja: What do you want?
Red Ninja: Hm … to fight you!
White Ninja: Why?
Red Ninja: Gordon the coward won't accept my challenge!
White Ninja: What's that to do with me?
Red Ninja: If I keep killing ninjas, I'll drown him out.
White Ninja: You're mad. Gordon's a great ninja.
Red Ninja: No! I'll prove I'm the best.
White Ninja: Huh?
The Ninja Squad, 1986

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