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The Ninja series by Godfrey Ho contains more than forty different movies, but most of them were shot with pretty much the same actors. So instead of making a character folder for every movie, the recurring characters/actors are given their own folder.

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     Recurring Actors/Characters 

Richard Harrison (Ninja Master Gordon Anderson; Ninja Master Harry)

I have to reform the Ninja Empire.

The protagonist in many Ho movies. In most of them, he is addressed as Gordon. Ironically, in Ninja Terminator, which is considered the greatest of Harrison ninja flicks, he is called Harry.

Stuart Smith (Richard, Stuart, Cobra, Rex, Sydney, Ringo)


A common protagonist but also VERY common antagonist in the flicks. His tendency to overact a little has earned him serious advances towards Memetic Mutation.

  • Angry Eyebrows
  • Fake American: Any time one of his characters' nationality would come up, it would be an American, even though Smith himself was Australian, and almost always dubbed his own voice in with his distinctive Aussie accent.
  • Large Ham: Stuart Smith is known for his distinct facial expressions.

Dave Wheeler (Ivan the Red)

If I keep challenging ninjas... I'll drown him out!

Appears as an antagonist in Ninja Squad and Ninja Commandments. Is typically very envious of Ninja Master Gordon, challenging other ninjas to a duel in order to "drown him out."

Pierre Kirby (Leon, Duncan, Farris, Ted Fast)

Bullets are expensive and hard to come by. Consider yourself lucky!

A common protagonist and occasional antagonist in a number of the later-day Ho ninja movies.

Edowan Bersmea (Solomon, Lamar)

A frequent villain in the Pierre Kirby films.

Bruce Baron (Donald, Mark, Byron)

An occasional protagonist, sometimes working under Gordon himself.

  • Badass Moustache
  • Passing the Torch: Richard Harrison's Gordon footage was sometimes spliced in, using the same "guy on the other phone" method that Ho would use to splice in his own footage with the original asian film, to discuss with Baron's characters.


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