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Hacker: What does "egregious" mean?
Humphrey: Um, I think it means outstanding... In one way or another.
Yes, Minister, "The Death List"

"It is pronounced... e-GRE-gious."

Ross: Would you say you're a fairly egregious person?
Pauline: Wha'?
Ross: Are you an egregious person? Do you have... an egregious personality?
Pauline: Em... yeah, I do.
The League of Gentlemen, "Nightmare in Royston Vasey"

Opal: Nelson, stop biting your fingernails! See, Earl? Nelson is picking up your egregious habits!
Nelson: What's egregious mean?
Earl: Who knows? Gramma has a habit of looking up new words to describe what's wrong with me.
Pickles, May 1, 2013


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