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The Maretian:

I learned an interesting factoid from my guests today: they’ve only been flying into space for four years.
That’s right. They went from Sputnik and Mercury to warp drive in four years. And in that four years they have had DOZENS of flights, and apparently half of them included Cherry in some fashion.
In fact, if I’m understanding this right, Cherry has landed on both their homeworld’s moons. That means I’m sharing this Hab with the pony version of Neil Armstrong. Or possibly Alan Shepard. Or, considering the sheer number of launches, the pony version of the Mercury Seven, the New Nine, and the Next Thirteen all at once.
But apparently this is Cherry’s twenty-eighth flight in four years. Let’s say they launched their first rocket on January 1, 1006 and launched the flight that landed them here on December 31, 1009 (their dates). That’s an average of one launch every seven weeks or so.
One launch every seven weeks. For just Cherry Berry.
I don’t think NASA has allowed the same astronaut to launch more than once every two YEARS.
And how much training can you cram into seven weeks? Less, really, since Cherry Berry has apparently got almost two hundred days in space counting her time here. I was training as part of Ares-III for five YEARS.
Much becomes clear about my guests. Many of the questions I’ve been asking about them now have a simple, easy to understand, impossible to refute explanation.
Specifically: these ponies are all CRAZY!
Mark Watney, MISSION LOG – SOL 47

“Sardines. Anchovies. I like anchovies. Eat whole. Eat fins. Eat heads. Crunch, crunch, crunch.”
Spitfire, Sol 91

Screw the laws of physics, we have a magic unicorn.
Sol 110 log entry

With that Venkat left engineers to do what engineers do best: argue about why something can’t be done until, suddenly, they’ve done it.
Sol 191

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