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Quotes / Cell Phones Are Useless

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"These things were definitely cooked up by a bored warlock."
Angel, Angel, "She"

"No service. What a surprise."
Yosuke, Persona 4

Man: What happened?
Woman: I tried to call for help and my phone exploded.
Man: What?
Woman: My phone literally exploded in my hand!

Sky: Hey that's my phone!
Luke: Join the club. I've gone through seven phones in two years,
- Luke and Sky Smith, The Sarah Jane Adventures

Sighing, the Lost placed a hand on her shoulder. “Let me tell you a little something. During my time here, I witnessed my share of other human beings being abducted to this place. Got to watch them spend their first few minutes on this side of the Hedge. Sometimes, they’d happen to have impressive tools or technology on them. Phones more often than not. Remember me telling you about phones, Twilight?”
She nodded dully.
“These poor people would whip out their phones first chance they got, and try to call the police or their homes, only, well, they’d never work the way they were SUPPOSED to. Some phones refused to turn on, even though their owners swore their batteries were fully charged. Other phones did… TRULY weird things that phones were never meant to do.”
— The Lost and Twilight Sparkle, Into The Hedge


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