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In August of 2006 Lowtax created a thread in GBS asking goons for help in creating an internet fad from scratch. The subject was a video called Bart the General, which was a fan-made "parody" of the Simpsons that was poorly animated and made no fucking sense. This particular video was chosen because it was "so completely random and messed up that, I figure, it'd be the LEAST likely to ever turn into a meme or successful viral Internet fad."
This was to be done by forwading/posting the video to as many people as possible, and by creating and using catchphrases from the video, which would hopefully a life of its own. The video was then posted to sites like Digg and Numerous YTMNDs were created, along with animated .gifs and image macros.
All of this may have been done too fast though, as non-SA members on these sites were generally confused as to why everyone was posting and talking about this random and horrible video. Comments were posted in the Digg article showing Lowtax's original post (this was when SA was viewable only by those who had registered). Within a a few days things had died down, the video was essentially forgotten and was removed from YouTube for copyright reasons.
Holy Calamity!, SA forum Goon

Just try and laugh at another rerun after watching Homer take a brick to the mouth and morph into a blubbering Mickey Rooney.
— Michael Swaim,

"Do you want to remember... how I knew about you?"

— The Scratch announcer

Actually, I really can't tell you. It's that weird, that I, the largest ham in the world, can't even describe it!
Tumblr user camwoodstock, here

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