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Quotes / All Hail the Great God Mickey!

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Just think. In two thousand years archaeologists will find this and have to draw a narrative to these images.

I believe they will find these images tell the story of how we, dogged by the "dragon" of global warming and impending nuclear war sealed ourselves up in these temples with our patron god of blessedness and safety who happens to be a half man-half raccoon Italian fellow. They'll claim that we regularly sacrificed virgins to this "Mare-ee-oh" in hopes that his favor would spare us from the nuclear dreadnought released by the "Koopa King", who may or may not have been a historical figure referred to as "Poo-Tahn."

Then they’ll uncover this grainy, ancient footage and will understand, finally, that He is — and was — in all of us.
—A commenter in Kotaku about a fallout shelter decorated with Super Mario Bros. characters (said footage refers to the American TV ad for Super Mario Bros. 3)

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