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Quotes / Adam Adamant Lives!

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Adam Adamant! Adam Adamant!

Bold as a knight in white armour,
Cold as a shot from a gun,
If you should look
For a man who loves danger,
To whom love is a stranger,
This man is the one.

Adam Adamant! Adam Adamant!

Girl, he's a man who needs no-one,
And girl, you would run if you knew;
If what you want is a man living fast time,
To whom death is a pastime,
This man is for you.

Are our two worlds so far apart?
Reaching for your heart was reaching for a star,
Is it that I arrived too late?
Instrument of fate,
Is that all you are?

In one simple breath, you may think he’s a charmer,
But death is the life he has known,
If you want love and your years filled with laughter,
And content ever after,
Leave this man alone! Adam Adamant!
Leave this man alone! Adam Adamant!
Leave this man alone!

"The sword is the weapon of the gentleman, Mr. Hicks, which is why you'll never master it."
- Adam Adamant, after defeating said Mr. Hicks who had tried to kill him with his own sword cane.

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