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Playing With / Doomed by Canon

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Basic Trope: Bob is going to die in "The Early Tropes", and the audience knows it.

  • Straight: The story begins with the rest of the heroes visiting Bob's grave, and the story then flashes back to it's beginning, with Bob alive.
  • Exaggerated: Not only is Bob established to die at the beginning of the series, but "The Early Tropes" explicitly states how, when, and why he dies.
  • Downplayed: The characters state that Bob is no longer with them, but it's left ambiguous as to what happened to him.
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  • Justified: "The Early Tropes" is a prequel that was released after the main entry, "The Main Tropes", which states that Bob died during the time "The Early Tropes" took place.
  • Inverted: Saved by Canon
  • Averted:
    • "The Early Tropes" is set in an alternate universe.
    • Bob wasn't mentioned in "The Main Tropes", so it doesn't matter what his fate is.
  • Subverted: "The Early Tropes" is a spin-off that takes place at the same time as "The Main Tropes", and while sharing a universe, the events of "The Main Tropes" are largely unaffected by the events of the series...
  • Double Subverted: ...but "The Additional Tropes", The Movie for the series, features characters from both "The Early Tropes" and "The Main Tropes", and Bob, the main character from "The Early Tropes" is shown to be dead in "The Additional Tropes", which came out before "The Early Tropes".
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  • Invoked: Bob's death is stated to be a catalyst for Alice's Character Development in "The Main Tropes".
  • Exploited: Bob knows he's going to die due to seeing a vision of his death, so he decides to invoke Taking You with Me to take out the Big Bad or The Dragon.

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