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Nightmare Fuel / The Ghost of Frankenstein

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  • The Monster trying to help the little girl get her ball back is this from an Adult Fear perspective. While he has the best intentions, all the crowd (including the girl's father) can see is him carrying her dangerously close to a precarious ledge.
    • The fact that he kills a man in the process who for trying to interfere doesn't help. Specifically, he hits the poor fellow hard enough to cause him to go tumbling over the ledge. While we don't see the impact, we see the crowd's horrified reactions, and a conversation not very long after makes it explicit that the man is dead.
      • The same conversation mentions that the Monster killed two villagers, as opposed to just the one mentioned above. Previously, we had seen the Monster smack a guy in the face, causing him to fall out of frame. Just how hard did he hit him?
  • Ygor gets his brain transplanted into the Monster, and there is never another brain switch in the series. But the Monster becomes nothing but a lumbering, inarticulate brute after this. Which means that Ygor, thanks entirely to his own treachery, ends up trapped inside of a hideous monster. Forever. Not that he doesn't deserve it, mind you....
    • Not to mention that he goes blind as a result of his blood type being incompatible with that of the Monster.

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