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Nightmare Fuel / The Accountant

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  • For anyone, especially on the autism spectrum, who has experienced sensory overload, the scenes that detail this are quite scary, especially when Christian does it to himself.
  • Ray King witnessing the Accountant's Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the Gambino gang and suddenly feeling the former's gun behind his head. Fortunately for him, the Accountant sees he's a good man and spares his life.
  • Dana being alone against two killers sent for her. Fortunately, she's able to defend herself long enough for the Accountant to get rid of them.
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  • Francis Silverberg being horrifically tortured by the Gambino gang after his release from prison. It's no wonder Christian went the way he did upon finding out what the Gambinos did to his friend.
  • Braxton's Affably Evil shtick is very unsettling, given that it's hard to figure out if the friendly demeanor is authentic enough (meaning he's a friendly guy with no problems hurting/killing people in cold blood) or a front (meaning it's entirely a means for him to manipulate his victims).


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