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Nightmare Fuel / Resurrection: Ertuğrul

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  • The strongest example would have to be Korkut Bey’s nightmare sequence in season two. It involves him encountering his deceased spouse Duru, much to his surprise, sewing some fabric. When he goes to ask her about why she’s here despite being dead, she turns to face him with empty black eyes before Korkut wakes up aghast.

  • In season 1, Kurdoglu Bey dreams about waking up in his tent and going outside to govern the tribe, only to find all of the tents completely vacant. A mist rises over the ground, and within a matter of seconds, Ertugrul suddenly arrives and proceeds to dispatch him. Cue a terrified Kurdoglu awakening as he pictures this occurring to him.

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  • Similarly to Kurdoglu, Emir Sadettin Kopek receives a frightening dream. As he eagerly anticipates occupying Sultan Alaeddin’s throne, a group of his servants carries an ornate chest into the chamber, seemingly carrying a large portion of treasure inside. But when Kopek gets an opportunity to take a peek, he instead sees his own severed head, blinking at him with uncertainty just before the dream ends.

  • A non-dream example occurs with the venom extracted by Maria in season 3. While the process of bottling it is certainly bone-chilling, it gets horrifying once someone actually ingests it. In both cases, the affected character freezes in place, zoning out from everyone around them before their eyes become deeply blood-strained. After that, the victim goes on a violent rampage, knocking over everything in their radius and attacking whoever’s near them, completely unable to control their actions as long as the poison is affecting their mind.

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