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Nightmare Fuel / Pocket Mortys

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  • Should you step into the Morty restroom at the Morty Games, you'll find the Jelly Bean King, who will state that he enjoys watching all the Mortys get physical during the games, and even says that he wants one of his own. The floor is covered with left over Morty shirts. Wonder what happened?
  • At the Rick restroom in the Morty Games area, hidden in the bottom right corner is a picture of a Morty. Walking up to it and interacting with it leads to this line.
    Ghost Rick: I'll never give up on you, Morty. I know you're out there somewhere.
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  • Several Mortys are Body Horror incarnate. But the Infected series takes the cake. According to the lore, he came back from the dead by the Parasitic Morty stage. And Host Morty is the parasite in full control, with nothing of Morty left.
  • One of the alternate skins for Rick is "Morty Rick". It's the same Rick that murdered his Morty in issue 3 of the comic, (see the Comics section above) still wielding the bloodied hammer he used to kill him.
  • In multiplayer, you have to blend Mortys to get them to evolve.
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