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Nightmare Fuel / Hey You, Pikachu!

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  • Any time you catch a HUGE fish in the fishing game. It practically fills half the screen. Even Pikachu freaks out sometimes. It's even worse if it's something harmless, like a Magikarp. Even worse if it's as the sun's setting.
  • Pikachu can slip and fall in the water when looking for Poliwag and get swept away. Pikachu cries out in panic and then disappears. Professor Oak says Pikachu fortunately washed up on the shore, but for a while it's like Pikachu drowned.
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  • Pikachu and the player go camping. It’s fun and calming to sit in front of the crackling fire, but suddenly a Haunter appears from the darkness. Pikachu will shiver in fright until told to Thundershock the Haunter.
  • Sometimes Pikachu will make a laughing noise, and turning will reveal that Pikachu’s apparently about to hit the player with a stick! He never does and is talked down easily, but it’s a bit unnerving.
  • Pikachu sometimes goes stir-crazy in the house, and will toss yellow balls everywhere or fling tissues around. It could just be written off as playful, bored behavior, but Pikachu seems to think odd things are threatening you with a stick.
    • Pikachu will also toss around and destroy any treasures you found. They come back the next day, but it’s a bit jarring to see them crash and disappear.
  • Pikachu sometimes shocks the player for no reason, or will do thundershocks randomly when upset.
  • Waking up one morning to find Pikachu gone from the bed, even though he’s quickly found. His heart meter is a pulsing spiked ball, showing how upset he is. It’s not explained why Pikachu runs away.

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