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Nightmare Fuel / Henrik Drescher

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Even though Henrik Drescher's works have been well known for their surreal quality, they were also well known for their nightmarish quality in some of his works (the nightmarish qualities are a bit more intense in his adult works than in his children’s books).

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     Editorial Works: 

  • The infamous Self-Censorship Machinery artwork that’s shown as the page’s nightmare fuel page, as it shows a green skinned man cutting off his own tongue as a way of self-censoring himself.
  • The Five Bad Beasts artwork that shows five frightening looking animals glaring menacingly at the audience.
  • The Art Hand from the Reactor Art website as it not only has bizarre drawings on the hand, but the tips of the fingers have little pointed mouths that have tongues sticking out.
  • The Demon Head from Judith Hooper's article on "Can antidepressants help or hinder waking up?"
  • Another image from the Reactor Art website features a large green head that has no pupils and the background contains images of people being killed and different kinds of destruction going on.

     Books Works: 

  • Turbulence: A Log Book was one of Henrik Drescher’s most disturbing books due to their nightmarish imagery and there were various images of nightmarish demons and creatures, such as this character.
  • ''Simon's Book has the main character, Simon a young boy, being chased throughout the book by a giant and intense looking monster. This is definitely one of the most intense and frightening looking monsters to ever come out of a children’s book. Luckily, the monster turns out to be FRIENDLY!
  • The Boy Who Ate Around not only has the main character Mo, eating everything in sight, including his parents and his classmates, but the monsters portrayed in this book are pretty frightening, especially when we first see the image of the giant warthog monster.
  • Runaway Opposites had many bizarre imagery that might be too much for some readers to handle, but the image that would probably scare most readers would the image of a hyena laughing underneath a tree that has eyeballs dangling from its vines.
  • Pat the Beastie has the titular Beastie eat both Paul and Judy after the two children tortured it for so long.