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Nightmare Fuel / Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

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If you see these guys, It's too late for you.

Out of all of the Dragon Ball Z specials, this is the darkest part of an otherwise idealistic series, and it's not hard to explain why:

  • Future Androids 17 and 18. Unlike their current counterparts, these androids kill For the Evulz and do so in extremely painful and humiliating ways.
  • The fact that the heroes can't be revived because the Dragon Balls are inert.
  • When Future Gohan dies. It was horrifying to see him get hit by those beams, while he's screaming in agony, and he's laying on the ground helpless!
  • Gohan's death in Trunks' future. (Already mentioned; deserves a second mention) But not only the death, but the fact that he had already lost his arm. You begin to realize how hopeless the situation was, even though it seemed Gohan was holding his own. When Trunks faced his own beatdown at the hands of the Androids, for some reason, they made the incredibly intelligent decision to use the creepiest Gregorian-chant BGM as a backdrop. Nightmare Fuel much?
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  • The look into Trunks's nightmarish future, with a blinding orange sunset, coupled with "Mind, Power, KI" gives an idea of how bleak things are under the Androids' reign.
  • From the second the rain falls on Gohan's final battle, the entire film takes on an eerie Film Noir aesthetic of dark shadows broken only by flashes of lightning, dim lamps and dying sunlight. Trunks hiding in terror from 17 and 18 among the shadows of urban decay is a scene straight out of a 1980's video nasty Slasher Movie, complete with a blood-chilling Ominous Pipe Organ score to emphasize just how hopeless his plight is.
  • It got even worse in Dragon Ball Super despite Trunks killing off both Androids and Cell, he barely managed to stop the Alternate Timeline versions of Babidi, Dabura, and Majin Buu at the cost of both Shin and Beerus' lives. Then, Goku Black decides to show up and finish where the previous villains left off.
    • And now it's destroyed, because goddamn Zamasu tried become one with reality, and Zen'o destroyed it.

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