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Dead Right is a no-budget, amateur, short 1993 cop comedy film written, edited, shot and directed by Edgar Wright.

Detective Barry Stern, also known as "Dirty Barry", is a tough, no nonsense cop with a bad attitude on the hunt for a serial killer. Shot on a camcorder and edited using two VCRs, the film is very much in the style of the Zucker Brothers and intentionally badly made. That makes it the more hilarious.

The movie, which has many similarities to Hot Fuzz, can be seen on the Hot Fuzz DVD.

Tropes associated with this film include:

  • American Accents: Set in England, but for some reason, Barry, the Chief and the M15 Agent all have American accents. All for the intentionally bad nature of the film.
    M15 Agent: Undercover, M15.
    Simon Pegg (on the DVD commentary): Then why are you talking in an American accent then?
  • Anti-Hero: Barry
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: So much. Barry has to read the script to find out where the bad guy is. Also, dialogue such as "We've already lost one person before the opening credits." (even though it was just the main title), "By this point in the film, we should be getting along." and "I killed the rest of the cast." Also, see Director Cameo.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: The villain Philip Quinn and his sister Antonia.
  • Creator Cameo: The villain Philip Quinn needs a hostage. He looks at the camera and says "You'll do." He runs behind the camera and holds Edgar Wright hostage. He then shoots him. So Barry gets an extra to finish directing the movie for them.
  • DVD Commentary: There's two of them. One by Edgar Wright talking about the making of the film and the other by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost where they just slag off the film and recall old school chums.
  • Gorn: With red colouring for blood and joke shop severed arms. At one point Barry shoves a rifle through the back of a minion's head and the point of the gun sticks out of the minion's mouth. Barry fires away, using the body as a shield. Later, Barry pulls the gun out of the head and the minion's eyes and teeth are stuck onto it.
  • Jerkass: Barry.
  • Sexy Discretion Shot: See Ho Yay on YMMV. Later, Barry and Antonia have sex off screen with a title card saying "10 Seconds later" and the couple are seen in bed smoking.
    Antonia: There's fast and then there's fast.
  • Shout-Out: Main character is named after Dirty Harry, the camera shots are a nod to Evil Dead and there's even shout outs to Lethal Weapon, the Zucker Bros films and even The Three Stooges with a cream pie in the face.
  • Take That!: During the gunfight, one of the minions is dancing to rave music and Barry shoots him. This is a nod to Edgar Wright's hatred towards rave music.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Mike Tight vomits after seeing a dead body. On the DVD Commentary, Simon Pegg says "That is one of the worst pukes I've ever seen. He just chewed on a Texan bar." Also When Mike gets stabbed. He coughs up blood. Then he vomits blood. Then he vomits some more. Then he vomits a carrot and an apple. Both which have not been eaten. In Simon and Nick's commentary they say "There's always carrots in sick."