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Trivia / Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

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  • Dueling Dubs: In addition to Funimation's 2000 dub, there's also one from around 2004 by French company AB Groupe. While still very awkward, this dub is a noticeable improvement over the other notorious "Big Green" DBZ movie dubs and is unusually more accurate than the Funimation dub in some places.
  • George Lucas Altered Version: A dub variation. Funimation's original release featured a brand new soundtrack with a new score and vocal songs from bands like Dream Theater and Buckethead. The 2008 release replaced several of these songs with generic silence since Funimation had lost the license to them. For the credits, they infamously replaced Dream Theater's emotional "In Her Eyes" with the generic closing theme, despite that song still being audible during Trunks' farewell in the final scene.
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  • The Other Marty: The 2008 remastered release mostly keeps the Funimation dub intact, but Kyle Hebert redubs both Dale D. Kelly's narration and Mark Britten's performance as the Ox King for consistency with the then-current TV series cast.

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