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Nightmare Fuel / Demon Spawn

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  • It begins with the cover's issue featuring a horrified Supergirl being seized by a group of horrendous, misshapen demons and Nightflame holding a flaming sword above her, and it doesn't stop there.
  • Nightflame's appearance: you're minding your business when the air in front of you tears, and a woman steps out of the crack and begins slicing cars, blasting buildings and setting houses on fire.
  • The first look of the Innerverse: A strange nightmare world, inhabited by herds of weird demon-gnomes, in where the sky is violet, the trees are dry and leafless, the land is barren and rotten and the water is poisoned.
  • And then a legion of demons seizes Supergirl. Their tentacles, tendrils and claws grab her body, tug at her hair and raise her up, shrieking “Kill her! Kill her!” the whole time.