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Quotes / Demon Spawn

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Nay! Your chrome-plated chariot does not frighten me! Now you shall know of the power of Nightflame! And of my flame-sword!
Nightflame (feeling unusually verbose)

Linda: Perhaps you're right! Nasty is a rather good news photographer! (thinking) Though I hate to admit it!
Nasty: Rather good? Compared to you, I'm the whole Galaxy Broadcasting Service News staff rolled into one person!
Linda: Come off it, big mouth! I'm nearly as good a photog as you!
Nasty: Perhaps! But nobody really knows, since you're never around when a big story breaks!

Linda: That lousy Nasty! She's out to get me fired! That rotten, under-handed stupid w... I'd like punch... (punching a wall) OOOPS!
Voices: What was THAT? Sounded like a plane crashing into the building!
Linda: Uh-oh.

This is Innerverse! It exists upon one of the atoms that make up your own brain! It is a world of sorcery! A dying world... dying because your goodness is eating away at the evil this microcosm is composed of!

Peer into your soul, Supergirl, and see what you have never faced... your own evil!

By relating to someone, being close, joined... that is what destroyed that part of me what wanted... me to die! I must find out who it was who saved me from myself — who taught me how to live...