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Nightmare Fuel / Counterpart (2018)

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    In General 
  • You or your loved one can be replaced by someone trained since childhood specifically to take their place and become sleeper agents.
  • Howard's spouse is essentially an Alpha Bitch, and ruining his life.
    • She blocked her husband’s career progression without his knowledge. This left him stuck in the same position for over a decade, with no hope, regardless of his performance and loyalty.
    • She’s had numerous partners while being with Howard.
    • Alpha Howard is looked down upon by everyone, while Prime Howard isnt necessarily better off, he’s not being Mind Raped.

    Season 1 
Season 1 Episode 7 - "The Sincerest Form of Flattery"
  • Orphaned children are indoctrinated by the hard-liner conspiracy directing a years-long plot against Earth Alpha. As part of the process, they are made to follow the life-paths of their duplicates, which includes deliberately breaking their bones in the same places if necessary.
  • The conspiracy, having suborned the diplomatic corps on the "other side" (that is, on Earth Prime and its embassy on Earth Alpha), is capable of sending spies to ferret out even the most minute details of the targets' lives. As one example, as a child Clare (Nadia's handler/lover) was told about the day to day interactions of her counterpart with her friends and family.