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Nightmare Fuel / The Count of Monte Cristo (1998)

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  • The moment where Hermine Danglars (in this version, she had no child with her husband) starts ranting that she did have a son (with Villefort), the one Monte Cristo was ever so subtly hinting at earlier, staring at him the whole time while wearing a kind of weirdly happy grin.
    • Said son was believed to be dead upon childbirth and was Buried Alive by Villefort, but luckily, Caderousse spied on Villefort the whole time and dug up the chest the baby was in, expecting to find a treasure. He adopted the son, named him Toussaint, and made him a partner in crime.
  • Heloïse de Villefort is a Master Poisoner and ruthless Black Widow who preys on her family and plans to kill its members one by one through poisoning until she's the last living heir. Poor Barrois ends up a victim of a Murder by Mistake by her hand, also. Upon believing her step-daughter Valentine has died in her bed (while she's just in a harmless deep death-like sleep thanks to a special potion Dantès prepared using formulas of the late abbot Faria), Heloïse hums happily while watching from the half open door (and it's pretty disturbing). Whatever one might think of Gérard de Villefort and what he did to Dantès as a prosecutor, his new wife is a herald of pure Adult Fear unleashed on his family and only Dantès/Monte Cristo and Bertuccio are aware of this.


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