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Nightmare Fuel / Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

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  • Those pallid, constantly-grasping hands in the pits. Should Richter be unlucky enough to fall/get knocked into them, they grab him and drag him down, their perpetual moaning becoming... something else — and a few seconds later, Richter dies horribly. Since those damn demon hands dragged him offscreen, how is left to the imagination.
  • Fail to rescue Annette properly, and she is turned into a vampire, whom you must fight. Let us rephrase this: Richter is forced to fight his loved-one-turned-enemy-vampire to the death.
  • Dracula's third form, which is exclusive only to this version of the game and can only be fought if you saved Annette. After you beat the tar out of his second form and he changes back to normal, he gets back up and teleports himself and you to what can best be described as a hellish river of souls flowing towards some sort of organ, with debris from the throne room and clock tower floating nearby. Then in some twisted mockery of a seraph, he turns his cape into six wings made of blood, then makes it literally rain blood before assaulting you with a large arsenal of new attacks.
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  • The Giant 3-Eyed Skull in Stage 3 (Pictured Above).

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