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Nightmare Fuel / Can

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  • That faceless gigantic Galactus on the cover of their debut album "Monster Movie".
    • Their epic improvisation "Yoo Doo Right" is very unsettling, with wailing, croaky, almost proto-screamo vocals that sound like a man weeping about his girlfriend over the top of tribal drums and strings, pounding menacingly and apocalyptically. Knowing that Malcolm Mooney, the vocalist heard wailing the vocals, suffered a mental breakdown shortly thereafter doesn't help much.
  • Most of the material on ''Tago Mago" qualifies for this trope.
    • "Mushroom": a claustrophobic track where Damo Suzuki babbles about a "mushroom head" and "he was born and he was dead." It's heavily implied he's singing about a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb explosion and all the terror he witnessed then. The song concludes with the sound of a atomic bomb explosion, literally blasting everyone and everything out of existence.
      • The immediate next track, "Oh Yeah" is sung completely backwards and sounds as if nuclear dawn has set in.
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    • "Halleluhwah": a dark, hypnotic percussive track. Though, for some people, it is also a very sexy tune.
    • "Aumgn", a haunting track driven by Schmidt's weird vocal sounds.
    • "Peking O": at a certain point the music sounds neurotic and Suzuki starts yelling freakish sounding gibberish, much like someone Go Mad from the Revelation.


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