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Nightmare Fuel / Barbie of Swan Lake

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  • Rothbart disintegrates Odette with his magic ring; she ends up okay thanks to the crystal, but even then she's pieced back together.
  • Rothbart turns Erasmus into a worm and tries to have him fed to ravens.
  • Odette nearly dies after Daniel mistakenly confesses his love to Odile.
  • After rendering the Magic Crystal powerless, Rothbart blasts Daniel and Odette with his magic, seemingly killing them both. He even gloats that he's won just before their love and sacrifice destroy him.
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  • Something about Odile just seems... off. Not only is she paler and skinnier than to be considered normal, but there is also something birdlike and inhuman about the way she moves, especially her face and mouth. Fitting, yes, but rather terrifying. And then that laugh...
  • “And here I thought unicorns were... shy.” Just the way his eyes glow makes it freaky.
  • The rumor about Erasmus eating human flesh.
  • Lila almost being killed by hunters.
  • Odette's situation in the movie is pure nightmare fuel: she gets turned into a swan and almost disintegrated, simply because she has the power to remove a crystal from a tree. After this happens, she has to stay in an unfamiliar environment until she can work out how to reverse her curse. Luckily she has benevolent fairies to keep her company, but still...


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