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Nightmare Fuel / An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

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Police Brutality at its worst.

  • The scene in Treasure of Manhattan Island where a factory worker is beaten by corrupt cops (pictured above) was quite intense and distressing.
  • Right near the end, the heroes set off the destruction of the passage leading to the tribe's village to protect them (their air passages will be undamaged, so they're safe). As they try to get out in time so they won't be trapped, two of the villains (the leader of the aforementioned corrupt cops and the Big Bad's lackey) fall down a seemingly bottomless shaft, screaming the whole way, followed by a colossal amount of water. Only rarely does a Disney Villain Death really and truly show that, yes, there is absolutely, positively, 100% NO WAY that those guys made it out alive.

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