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The cover of the Mummies book in the series.

3-D Thrillers! (2001) is a Nonfiction book series that provides young readers; mostly boys, information about various subjects depending on said book in the series. As the name would suggest the book is in 3-D and comes with the glasses needed to fully enjoy it.

Below is a list of books in the series:

  • Big Cats
  • Bugs
  • Dinosaurs
  • Human Body
  • Ice Age
  • Jungle
  • Micro Bugs
  • Monster Trucks
  • Mummies by Kevin Fleury
  • Pirates
  • Predators
  • Prehistoric World by Paul Harrison
  • Reptiles
  • Sea Monsters
  • Sharks
  • Snakes by Paul Harrison
  • Speed Machines
  • Solar System
  • Space by Paul Harrison
  • T. Rex


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