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Score One for the Sloths is a 2001 picture book written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.

The students of the Sleepy Valley Sloth School are absolutely slothful and completely content. So when a new student, Sparky, arrives and tries to inject a little energy into their routine, they push her away. However, then a visitor from the Society for Organizing Sameness arrives to close down their school, and only Sparky can save it.


This book includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Clothing Reflects Personality: Sparky's choice of outfit hints at her unusually active personality — she's the only sloth not wearing pajamas.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The boar comes from the Society for Organizing Sameness, or the S.O.S.
  • Genki Girl: Sparky has much more energy than the others and gets herself rejected trying to raise their interest in activities. Naturally, this means everyone turns to her when they need to do something to save the school.
  • Go-to-Sleep Ending: The book ends with the class, including Sparky, taking a nap after successfully convincing the boar that he doesn't need to close down Sleepy Valley Sloth School.
  • Meaningful Name: Sparky brims with vim and vitality.
  • Sleep Cute: The book ends with all the sloths curled up for a nap in a single hammock.
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  • Talking in Your Sleep: To "show" the boar their expertise in poetry, Sparky tells the others to recite "The Way of the Sloth." They've known it since childhood and can recite it while sleeping, so they do.

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