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Mavericks was a Web Serial Novel written by a user named Joker. The series explored the superhero genre through a different lens that combines both deconstruction and reconstruction, story-telling aimed at adults and Black Comedy.

Mavericks launched in August 2018 was slated for a rewrite in February 2019.

This series provided examples of:

  • Cape Busters: Implied, but it seems SWAT has the capability to deal with anomalous criminals.
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  • Code Name: In this universe, many of the hero and villain nicknames are created by the press.
  • Darker and Edgier: Mavericks relies heavily on Reality Ensues and the tropes of the superhero genre being brought into a world where people react to them realistically.
  • World Building: Mavericks is heavily based on worldbuilding. Much of the story is dedicated to the lore of the city, and introducing tons of characters who will be more important later.
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