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Extensions to Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Hero. They're written by the editors here, so (1) don't expect sanity, and (2) don't expect that they'll be quite as Genre Savvy as you think they should be. For other archetypal heroes, you can still check The Universal Genre Savvy Guide.

  1. Before adding to the list, you'll want to start at the original page. Remember Clear, Concise, Witty. Try not to go above three lines per entry, like a paragraph (yeah, I know);
    • Including sub-entries such as this.
  2. When a sub-page reaches 100 entries, it's time to create the next one.
  3. Do not add Natter about why an entry won't work or how you would do it. This is not "The Hero Vows: the Forum Thread".
  4. The purpose of Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Hero is to teach a hero how to not be so Genre Blind, and lead his associates to victory over the villains. Please keep everything relevant to this subject!
  5. And last but not least, don't duplicate or repeat any entry. Try to be as original as possible.

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