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The National Spoiler Hiding Association has ruled that this page is too spoiler-y to be read even with everything spoilered out. As such it has been censored

Ha ha! The Hackers of The Trope Association have undone your censor! Enjoy the full article below! Movies: 1. Sixth Sense: The main character was dead the whole time! 2. Star Wars: Darth Vader was Luke's father! 3. Lost: Okay, fine, it's a tv show, but they're all dead, or in purgatory, or something! 4.The Bridge to Terabithia: The girl dies at the end! 5. Citizen Kane: Rosebud was his sled! We are still working to recover the rest of the censored spoilers! Stay tuned, and feel free to help us spoil important twists from various works