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Just For Fun / Stages of TV Tropes Obsession

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TV Tropes ruining your life, or perhaps enhancing it, can be defined in stages or levels.

Basic Level

  1. You have visited and enjoyed the site.
  2. You visit the site several times a week.
  3. You have registered an account and begun editing.
  4. You visit the site daily.
  5. You visit the site multiple times daily.

Warning Level

  1. You are familiar enough with a number of tropes to edit comfortably without having to spend much time looking things up.
  2. You have studied the trope lists carefully and can name most tropes, and have good working knowledge of the Tropes Of Legend.
  3. You regularly visit Trope Launch Pad to take a look at what's up and coming.
  4. You regularly chime in on or add examples to what's coming in the Trope Launch Pad.
  5. You spend a good amount of time hanging out at the forums.
  6. You regularly hang out at the forums and may be active at areas aimed at improving the site, such as the Trope Repair Shop or Image Pickin'.

Totally Obsessed

  1. You have ever stopped to make an edit while reading or watching a work.
  2. You regularly do this.
  3. You don't even stop, you just edit.
  4. You come up with lists of tropes describing people you encounter in your life.
  5. You routinely put numerous elements of your life in troping terms.
  6. When watching a movie at the theater, you take notes for tropes, either mental or written.
  7. You are particularly excited about the idea of doing this with a new movie that doesn't have much stuff posted on the site yet.
  8. TV Tropes is on your browser toolbar.
  9. TV Tropes is your browser homepage.
  10. You have bought TV Tropes merchandise or participated in the Badge Shop.



  1. You are Fast Eddie.

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