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Heartwarming / The One I Love Is

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Heart-warming moments found in The One I Love Is:

  • After a distressing school day, Shinji comes back to his home and finds in his room a chocolate box from Asuka.
  • After ruining their first kiss and their first date, Shinji chases Asuka. When he finds her she wants to be left alone. Shinji does not approach but he sits down in front of her. Later she gets cold and he puts his jacket on her -despite of her protestations and yells-, and then he tells he cares about her just like he does about Rei. Asuka does not want to believe him, but he says this looking at her eyes and lets her go. Asuka spins around, apparently about to bolt... but then she turns around and looks at his eyes... and then she cries. Shinji holds her and after a little chat they kiss.
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  • Rei looking after Shinji when he felt broken.
  • Shinji returned from his stay inside Unit 01 to find his absence had pushed Asuka and Rei closer and they were now friends.
  • After her Mind Rape Asuka was a total wreck, but Shinji did not let her down: he told her once again that she was not worthless, she was not alone, and he loved her.


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