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Heartwarming / The Lone Traveler

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Moments to make you go "d'awwwwww" from the sprawling multiverse of The Lone Traveler.

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    Harry Potter: The Lone Traveller 
  • Harry giving his 5-year old counterpart Rose a piggyback ride home to Privet Drive, a home where her aunt, at least, clearly loves her and cares for her.

    Stories of the Lone Traveler 
  • Laments/Joys (Chapters 57-8). Tom and Ellen's reaction when they first meet is a textbook case of Love at First Sight.

    Further Adventures of the Lone Traveler 

    Harry Potter; Lone Traveler, God, and Wizard 

    Side Stories 


  • Harry introduces Faith to a family who are going to take care of her, specifically the Bartletts. Mrs. Bartlett just holds out her arms and Faith promptly turns into a sobbing mess. For the first time in her life she has a family that cares about her and wants to look after her. This turned out to be the ultimate goal of the Traveler's visit.

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