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Heartwarming / The East

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  • The game of Spin the Bottle, which is entirely based on showing gestures of affection towards each other. The gestures of affection are not imposed either. If, say, you are picked to give someone a kiss, you can refuse and propose a handshake instead. This makes an interesting contrast in terms of consent with the attempted rape scene by the corporate asshole that comes a few scenes before.
  • Doc helping the others escape the FBI raid at the end.
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  • The ending showing how Sarah's colleagues are willing to turn on the corporations when shown what they are indeed corrupt has a nice idealistic feel to it.
  • Izzy's father going into the toxic river and apologizing to her is sadly touching, before Mood Whiplash kicks in with the arrival of the security guards.
  • From the Alternate ending, Benji's words for Sarah, "I never loved you the way you loved me. I loved you more.

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