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Heartwarming / Earth to Echo

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  • Right at the beginning of the film, when Tuck is explaining to the audience who his friends are, he calls Munch a good kid, and insists that Munch is not "weird" or "strange" to him.
  • When the kids are asking Echo questions, they ask him if he likes Earth. He says he doesn't. That's not the heartwarming part, of course. The heartwarming part is that upon further questioning, it turns out Echo does like the kids, at least. It's weirdly heartwarming that Echo thinks the kids are awesome enough that they take precedence over how lonely he is on Earth.
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  • Munch, who has been a reluctant hero throughout the film, bravely climbs into the vehicle to follow the construction workers after they capture Echo.
  • Upon being informed that if Echo reconstructs his spaceship, it could destroy people's houses, Alex says as firmly as possible, "I trust him." He then goes into the spaceship with Echo, and Echo rewards his trust by constructing his spaceship without destroying the houses, by constructing the spaceship "piece by piece".
    • Also, after the above moment, Tuck and the rest of the kids follow Alex, and Tuck says they left Alex behind once before, no way they'll ever do it again.

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