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Heartwarming / The Children of Húrin

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  • Túrin giving his birthday present to his old house-servant Sador.
  • Mîm asking the Orcs not to hurt Túrin and looking upon him like a son.
  • While his rescue and marriage of Nienor goes horribly wrong in the end, it does prove that underneath all of the hot-headedness and pride, Túrin still has a very compassionate heart. When he finds a young woman lying naked and sick in the woods during a storm, he covers her with his cloak, takes her home and nurses her back to health without once taking advantage of her. Of special note is how when Túrin asks her name, who her family is, and what happened to her so they can bring her back, she does nothing except cry, and Túrin decides not to upset her further because "Maybe the tale is too sad yet to tell." He knows exactly how it feels to such have a miserable past. If only she wasn't his long-lost sister.