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Heartwarming / Snakes on a Plane

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  • The honeymooning couple get one early in the film:
    Wife: If you hated flying this much, why did you let me pick Hawaii for our honeymoon?
    Husband: 'Cause that's where you wanted to go. (the two kiss)
  • One of the flight attendants saves a woman's baby, but is bit by a snake in the process. Later, she laments that she didn't retire sooner. The woman reminds her: "You were here for a reason. You saved my baby." The flight attendant instantly warms up.
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  • Mercedes (the woman who brought her dog aboard the plane) bonding with the two boys. She was so guilt-stricken after her dog was killed by the snakes that she befriended the eldest boy, who was in the midst of drawing a picture of the snake that bit his brother. While she was disturbed at the drawing, she was impressed with it. The boy, in turn, offered her condolences for her dog; she was visibly touched. She would later comfort him while his brother was administered the antivenom at the end.
  • Three Gs starts out as a germophobe with an elitist attitude, but after he's called out by Troy for his recent attitude, he not only apologises, but volunteers Troy's service as a pilot and carries a poisoned boy off the plane to get medical treatment.

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