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Yes, even this cauldron of human depravity has a few! After all, the main premise is of a teacher fighting for the rights of his students.

  • In-ho opting to be Yu-ri's drawing partner when Yeon-doo is sent to the hospital. When drawing Yu-ri, In-ho makes sure to leave out her bruises, knowing they make her feel uncomfortable. The look of childlike glee on Yu-ri when she sees the well-drawn sketch, and her laughter when In-ho makes a funny face to emulate her drawing of him, is what seals the deal.
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  • In-ho smashing a vase over Park Bo-hyun's head to protect Minsu, offering the latter to come with him. From Minsu's POV, this easily the first act of kindness anyone has ever done for him in a long, long time.
  • The scene at the beach. Especially when Yu-ri says "I'd like if you were my father" to In-ho. "And if you were my mother" to Yu-jin.
  • In-ho's mother realizing In-ho's decision is very much justified, and voicing her support.
  • The reaction of the South Korean public. The outpouring of grief and rage in the wake of the film's release prompted a re-investigation of the original sex abuse case and sweeping changes in laws dealing with sex crimes (which were passed in the National Assembly by unanimous vote). As distressing as this film is, the response it generated gives real hope for the victims of abuse, and real hope that they will all someday see justice.
    • Even better is that as of the time of typing, the school was shut down in 2011, the ease reopened and several of the abusers have received the punishments they deserve.


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