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  • In "Un-Tag my Heart", after only knowing Eliza for a short time, Henry sees she's been hurt and is in the hospital. He doesn't call her, he doesn't send her a "get well soon" card, he drives to the hospital to check on her in person, and seemed about to confess some real feelings before her casual sex partner Freddie shows up. Even afterwards, he says he'll call her every hour to wake her up (you know, so she doesn't die in her sleep after the terrible injuries she sustained).
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  • Episode 3: Eliza lies and says she eats standing over a trash can is because its good for her digestion. At the end of the episode, Henry has had his assistant buy her a trash can and she confesses she does it because no one ever wanted to eat lunch with her. Henry responds by taking his lunch and standing on the other side of the trash can, asking her if "this seat is taken."
  • Charmonique goes to her high school reunion intent on reconnecting with the one that got away. It turns out, though, that her high school crush decided that his youth was misspent encouraging other young people to engage in immoral behavior so he became a priest, and a judgmental one at that. He tries to make Charmonique feel guilty about being a single mother, but she realizes that she loves her son and herself and doesn't need anyone's validation to know that she's a good person.
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  • At the end of "Even Hell Has Two Bars", Henry chases after Eliza (after offending her), by riding up on a horse. He then truly admits that they are friends, and that he doesn't value his job more than her friendship "because I assure you, it is a tie." While that is Played for Laughs and Eliza is a little offended, Henry takes his job very seriously, which shows just how much he's grown to like Eliza.
  • The end of "Here's This Guy"-Eliza introduces a keynote speaker without Henry to help or support her, cause they had a big rift about Eliza and Henry's new girlfriend. Eliza has an inner monologue about missing her one real friend, when Henry shows up. She asks "What happened to me not needing you anymore?" and Henry lists a number of her faults in a kind, gentle way, and she's so happy to see him she begins to tear up. He gives her his handkerchief and they walk off together.
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  • In "Perestroika", Eliza and Henry aren't speaking, and then Henry gets mad at Eliza because he thinks she wrote a bad review about him, and they end up reconciling when she needs her help due to massive financial problems. Her relieved, almost tearful joy when she realizes he's no longer mad at her, just disappointed, the way he always is, is heart-melting.
  • The end of the last episode, "I Woke Up Like This", Henry reminiscences about his time with Eliza, promising that the next time (referring to when she professed love for him) he'd be ready. Also from the same episode, Eliza embracing the ugly dork she used to be, and Freddy doing the same.

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