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     Season 1 

Episode 01: Limbic Resonance

  • Will, refusing to let a young gangbanger bleed to death and rushing him to an emergency room, even guilt tripping the charge Nurse into saving the kid.
  • At a Pride Event, one such woman verbally attacks her at the Pride festival, using Nomi's status as a trans woman to insult her and dismiss her opinion. Amanita defends her and Nomi stalks off crying. Nomi later says she wasn't crying because she was upset by the insult, but because no one had ever defended her before. She cites that as the moment she knew she was in love with Amanita.

Episode 02: I Am Also A We

  • When Nomi is hospitalised Amanita isn't allowed in to see her as they're not officially family. Neets recruits a friend who works at the hospital to let her in so she can use the internal phone to call every room until she finds Nomi. Once they reconnect Amanita promises to do everything she can to get Nomi out before Dr. Metzger can lobotomize her.
    Amanita: I will burn this building to the ground before I let anyone touch that beautiful brain.

Episode 03: Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch

  • From the beginning, Capheus has trouble attracting customers to his bus, until one day a gang of thugs steal the belongings of all the passengers he has, including his mother's medicine. He's incredibly determined to get the medication back, and does so with help from Sun and Will, beating the hell out of the thugs in broad daylight. The next day, his bus is swarming with customers who trust Capheus to get them to their destinations safely.
    • What really sells this is the elderly lady who decides to remain in the bus after Capheus goes after the thugs, because she refuses to let go of the ring they stole from her, the only thing she has left from her deceased husband, and Capheus is determined to get that ring back as much as his mother's medicine. The lady's smile as she watches Capheus come out victorious over the thugs is just lovely, and even more so when Capheus sees the huge crowd on his bus the next day, the lady already seated, showing him her ring and a big smile.
  • Riley giving the money from Nyx's safe to the blind piano player was extremely touching, especially because of how much money she gave up. Her kindness almost bites her in the ass later when Nyx tracks her down.

Episode 04: What's Going On?

  • When all the Sensates are singing "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes. It may also double as a crowning moment of awesome as this is the first time the eight sensates are shown connecting with one another.
  • Wolfgang's reaction when he properly meets Kala. After having just experienced a bad memory of his father ridiculing him and only giving a slight effort in singing. The moment he saw Kala, it was clear that he was in love with her and her presence immediately lightened Wolfgang's emotions. They both sang enthusiastically.
  • Will helping Nomi escape the hospital by unlocking the handcuffs for her. Then, right as Nomi's about to be caught, Amanita swooping in disguised as a nurse to help get her out of the hospital. Once they get into the cab Nomi pretty much collapses into Amanita's arms.

Episode 05: Art is like Religion

  • Will asserts Nomi's identity to her mother. Some of that was probably Nomi's influence, but we know Will well enough to know that the rest was all him. Nomi has another family now.

Episode 06: Demons

Episode 07: W.W.N.Double D.?

  • When Riley returns to Iceland, her father greets her at the airport with a ukulele, singing Baba O'Riley. Riley was very, very happy. That song is a Tear Jerker the second time he sings it because she is in a coma, and the BPO is closing in.
    • The next day her father makes pancakes for her and says he doesn't care who else shows up for his big concert as long as she's there to see it. When he has to go to rehearsals he tells Riley their neighbour took time off from work so he could be home to see her and has offered to act as chauffeur if she wants to go anywhere.

Episode 08: We Will All Be Judged By The Courage of our Hearts

  • Sun trips up a bully, to stop her from stealing the work of the woman who was kind to Sun and taught her to sew.

Episode 09: Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye

  • Although it's also a major tearjerker, Nomi's conversation with Lito in the art gallery, where she helps convince him to be okay with his sexuality.

Episode 10: What Is Human?

  • Lito and Wolfgang helping one another with their respective enemies.
  • The entire cluster watching Riley's father perform, and flashing back to their own births. Though it then goes into Mood Whiplash when Riley also remembers her own baby's birth and death, and faints. With particular mention to:
    • Riley's father was away from home, but played piano over the phone to Riley's mother and even to Riley herself as she was crowning.
    • Will's father couldn't get to the hospital in time, so he delivered Will himself on the side of the road.
    • Sun's mother went into labor while visiting a grave, and a bunch of complete strangers immediately ran over to help her.

Episode 11: Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

  • After Capheus goes through hell fighting Silas Kabaka's enemies (with some assistance from Sun and Will once more), Capheus drags a badly injured Kabaka back to reunite with his daughter Amondi at Jela's house. Kabaka gets on his knees and hugs his daughter, and despite the knowledge of what a monstrous man he is and the horrible things he has done, this moment showcases how much he truly adores his daughter, and the smile he gives to Capheus for making it all possible is genuinely heartfelt and full of gratefulness.
    • Stemming from that moment, the fact that Kabaka was willing to die as the thugs ordered Capheus to chop his head off. These thugs wanted to kill his daughter to get to him, but he does not hesitate for a second to accept his own death if it means his daughter will be safe.
  • Will stepping in to help Kala defend herself.

Episode 12: I Can't Leave Her

  • Will warning Wolfgang that his uncle is wearing body armor.
  • The final shot of the season, which has all of the Sensates visiting together for the first time, watching over an unconscious Will. This is rather uplifting moment in an otherwise very bittersweet finale, as no matter what the future holds for them, they are not alone.

     Season 2 

Episode 01: A Christmas Special

  • Wolfgang offers to switch place with Sun, so she can experience a moment of freedom and relief.
  • Everything about the Birthday celebration. The entire cluster celebrated their birthday together and experienced a great deal of joy. It is especially heartwarming to Will, Sun and Wolfgang who have to deal with a lot of issue in their life. To see all of them enjoy their birthday with people who they are highly connected to must be the best birthday ever.
    • When Kala is nervous about sleeping with Rajan for the first time Sun shares the story of how she lost her virginity. After winning a tournament her father was so disgusted he forbade her from ever fighting again. As Sun was crying in the locker room her opponent came over and told her that was the best fight he'd ever had and that it was an honor to have fought her. Sun was so genuinely touched by the gesture she had sex with him right there.
    • The psychic orgy that follows, whilst somewhat Narm-y, has a real warmth and tenderness to it, as the entire cluster bonds in one of the most intimate fashions for the first time (the first-season orgy being only four of them: Lito, Will, Nomi, and Wolfgang). The ways in which they all reach for and hold onto each other emphasize the connectivity and love between them.
  • Lito goes to see his mom after he's forcibly outed and evicted, and he's clearly very worried she's going to disown him. She is not only completely accepting, but proud of him for being brave in the face of it.
    • Later or, when they're all enjoying a meal together, Daniela, who confesses that her own family life is horrid, is reassured by Lito's mom that she's one of their family now, just happy to see how extremely loyal Daniela is to her son and Hernando, and Daniela is overwhelmed with happiness.
  • Wolfgang's overjoyed reaction to see his best friend, Felix waking up.
  • The entire cluster coming to Sun's aid when her brother sends people to kill her.
    • Also Riley assure Sun that all of them are a family.
    • Sun is finally let out of solitary, and her cellmates all welcome her back with hugs and kindness.
  • Nomi and Amanita inviting Bug along on their Christmas outing. It clearly meant the world to him.

Episode 03: Obligate Mutualisms

  • Having finally gotten the upper hand against Whispers, Will gets to go outside for the first time in months without fear of giving away his location. The sun has probably never felt so warm.

Episode 05: Fear Never Fixed anything

  • Sun's reunion with her beloved dog, possibly the happiest she's looked in a long time.

Episode 07: I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate

  • Amanita takes a video call from Riley, and gives an awestruck "Wow!" at actually being able to interact with another member of the cluster for the first time.

Episode 08: All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

  • After finally coming out as gay, Lito is rocked when his agency fires him, thinking he can no longer be "marketable" as a leading man. Lito is stunned as he leaves, sharing an elevator with a young man. After a pause, the man moves in and hugs Lito, saying "Thank you," clearly seeing Lito coming out as an inspiration to do the same. As he leaves, Lito realizes he may have hurt his career but has become more of a hero than ever.

Episode 09: What Family Really Means

  • Nomi's speech at Teagan's reception. After the speech, Teagan mouths an affectionate "I love you" to her sister.
    • We see in a flashback that when Nomi woke up after her surgery Teagan was waiting in the room holding her hand. In her other hand Teagan had a cupcake with a candle and she sang Happy Birthday to You! once Nomi was awake.
  • As Nomi walks down the aisle and one of the groomsmen makes a transphobic comment about her, Sun is nearby and immediately asks if Nomi wants her to hurt him. She declines, stating she can't have anything going wrong during her sister's wedding because she will be blamed for it. The groomsman makes another comment about Nomi talking to herself, and Nomi says "maybe just a little". Once Sun pulls back his pinky she grins smugly at him.
  • When Bendix crashes Teagan's wedding to arrest Nomi, Amanita saves Nomi by pressing Bendix for the warrant, which no longer exists thanks to Nomi's E-death. When Bendix tries to arrest Nomi anyway, her father steps in and tells Bendix to "take your hands off. my. daughter". Nomi is moved to tears of joy, as her father had never called her his "daughter" before.

Episode 11: You Want a War?

  • The entire cluster curling around Sun when the prison van is about to flip.
  • Anything about Wolfgang and Kala.
  • Nomi and Amanita proposing to each other.

Episode 12: Amor Vincit Omnia

  • In a flashback, young Wolfgang's assertion to his abused mother that she is worth the risk of defying his father.
  • Throughout the series, Kala has always been torn between Rajan and Wolfgang. Finally, she's implied to have chosen both.
  • Heck, the interactions between Rajan and Wolfgang qualify. You think both of them will have unease tension between them but nope, they instantly click with each other as both were very supportive without Kala’s input. It is implied that both of them formed an attraction to each other on their own.
  • Nomi and Amanita's wedding. Every single bit of it. From River's speech, to their exchange of vows, to the party afterwards. The two men in drag even offer her mom weed brownies and by the end of the night, she goes up to the newlyweds and blesses their marriage.
  • Bug was initially set-up to be kind of a creep, but he has been nothing but supportive towards his fellow hackers. During the party, he meets a French Woman and he flirts with her.
    • He's also the one who walks Nomi down the aisle in place of her parents. Summed up best as they approach the end of the aisle:
      Bug: Thank you for being my family.
      Nomi: Thank you for being mine.
  • The fact that the series ends in a giant orgy, which manages to be both beautiful and heart-melting. This might be the only show that could conceivably pull that off.


  • Capheus' interactions with the other Sensates tend to count for quite a few of these. Despite his own problems he's always ready to listen and offer advice.
  • The relationship between Lito, Hernando and Daniela. While she originally acted as The Beard to cover for Lito's relationship with Hernado, the three developed into a warm and supportive relationship with one another.
  • Whenever the cluster starts working in tandem to save one of the others.
  • Amanita's complete acceptance of Nomi's situation as a sensate. She never even considers that Nomi may be losing her mind, she just instantly believes her and wants to help.
  • Kala's family are all so supportive that it really is lovely to see, especially in relation to characters like Nomi, Sun, and Wolfgang.
  • Capheus always telling his mother that he thinks today is going to be a good day with a big smile on his face.
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  • Rajan surprisingly turning out to be a genuine Nice Guy who really does love Kala, rather than the Jerkass Romantic False Lead most people probably expect at the start of the story.
  • Sun's interactions with her cellmates. They may be murderers, but they treat her more like family from the moment they meet her than her father and brother ever did.
  • There's something fundamentally heartwarming about the almost childlike wonder and surprise every one in the cluster shows when they experience each other's homes, particularly Riley seeing Nairobi and Chicago, or Wolfgang and Kala experiencing Mumbai and Berlin together.

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