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  • Despite Darren bringing in many parishioners to St. Saviour's, the Archdeacon backs Adam against him when Darren threatens to leave if Colin is not removed.
    • "Colin is a blessing."
  • Also his baptism in episode 2 of series 2.
  • After being headbutted by Colin, harassed by his father-in-law, just missing out on Joan's death and being heckled at Mass, Adam finding out that Alex is pregnant, and the subsequent reunion of the characters for Christmas dinner.
    • After Jerkass atheist teacher Mattie Field dies, Adam is called upon to deliver the school assembly. Instead of making subtle swipes or making reference to an afterlife Field did not believe in, he gives a beautiful speech using the metaphor of a bug becoming a dragonfly.
  • When the Smug Snake Archdeacon is up for the position of Bishop of Stevenage he becomes oily and attempts to appear excessively charitable. When Adam discovers he is gay, a series obstacle to the bishopric, he tells the committee that he loves his partner "more than words."

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