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Heartwarming / RWBY: Reckoning

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  • Darrel comforting Ruby when the latter was having night terrors regarding her mother.
  • Weiss and Darrel making up under Prof. Port's persuasion.
  • Darrel comforting Velvet after CRDL's torments. The whole interaction is just so cute, with Darrel sharing his views that the Faunus and humanity are Not So Different.
  • Yang and Darrel talking at the end of Chapter 22.
  • The Big Damn Kiss at the end of Chapter 27.
  • Chapter 28 is one long moment of Heartwarming after the first line break. Darrel's been told to tell the truth about his origins. Right before he does, he has a moment of self-doubt, thinking that RWBY and JNPR will spurn him for lying to them for so long. But when he explains everything, he clearly didn't expect the responses he got:
    Ruby: Who cares if you're telling the truth or not? If Yang believes you, then it's good enough for me!
    Weiss: You may be a dolt, but you're an ally. So long as you fight alongside us, I'll do everything in my power to keep you safe.
    Blake: I'll admit, I feel as though I shouldn't trust you after your involvement at the docks. But after hearing your explanation… I have no reason not to believe you. You can count on my support.
    Jaune: I know what it feels like to be out of your depth. My team will stand by you, no matter what.
    Nora: As long as you don't turn a ray gun on us, and go all "PEW! PEW! PEW!" and try to take over the world, I'll stay by your side!
    Pyrrha: If Jaune believes in you, then so do I. I'll help you in any way I can, Darrel. I promise.
    Ren: Nora believes you. So I do too.
    Yang: Darrel… who cares where you're from? You're with us now. And as long as we believe you, who cares what anybody else thinks? We're always here for you.
    • Plus, when Weiss breaks down in tears, due to fears of threats to her friends and the Schnee Dust Company, Ruby is quick to reassure her that her friends will always be there for her.

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