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Awesome / RWBY: Reckoning

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  • Darrel's exploits when facing a Grimm.
  • Cardin's blackmailed Yang into breaking Darrel's heart. Darrel decides to get revenge by pouring red sap on him and setting the exact same colony of Rapier Wasps that Cardin planned to unleash on Pyrrha, onto Cardin. And, to add insult to injury, Cardin falls off of a cliff and breaks his legs.
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  • Another Darrel one: he manages to infiltrate the White Fang's operation by Dressing as the Enemy. And it works so well, that even Roman Torchwick is fooled!
  • Being dragged by the Atlesian Paladin-290, then surfing on a car door at high speed down a freeway, dodging debris, and trying to stay alive.
  • As Darrel needs to discharge his Aura, lest he suffer a Super-Power Meltdown, he goes to Vale's city limits, and blasts some Grimm. And judging from what is described as a cloud of smoke almost too thick too see through, Darrel has been wrecking house.

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