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Heartwarming / Pollyanna

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  • It is hard to beat Aunt Polly inviting Dr. Chilton back into the house, combined with Pollyanna's reaction when she sees him. Unless it's when Pollyanna says that the loss of her legs just might be worth it since it got her aunt and the doctor back together.
  • The entire town coming to cheer up Pollyanna by telling her how glad she's made them when they find out how hard she's finding it to be glad herself.
  • The last lines of the book in a letter Pollyanna writes to the town after she re-learns to walk again.
    With heaps of love to everybody,
    • In her letter she mentions that Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton got married. They had the wedding right beside Pollyanna's bed so she could be there.
  • Nancy's determination to be a friend to Pollyanna even before she meets her, when Aunt Polly only sees it as her 'duty' to take in the orphaned girl. When Pollyanna tells her about the Glad Game and how she hopes Aunt Polly will play it with her. Nancy, doubting that she will, says that she'll also play it with her.
    Nancy: See here, Miss Pollyanna, I ain't sayin' that I'll play it very well, and I ain't sayin' that I know how, anyway; but I'll play it with ye, after a fashion — I just will, I will!
    • Pollyanna, having cheerfully wished her aunt goodnight, cries alone in her empty, dark attic bedroom. Nancy downstairs is catching up on the work she missed to help Pollyanna settle in.
    Nancy: If playin' a silly-fool game about bein' glad you've got crutches when you want dolls is got ter be my way o' bein' that rock o' refuge — why, I'm a-goin' ter play it — I am, I am.


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