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  • When John Hickam intervenes to stop Roy Lee's stepdad from beating him. He vows to repay generously any harm done to the boy and tells Roy in the car, in tones of unaccustomed emotion, that Lee senior was "one of the best men I ever knew".
  • The name of the final rocket.
  • The principal's face when the boys win the state science fair. He started off telling Miss Reilly not to get their hopes up and now he's overjoyed at what they've accomplished.
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  • When someone sabotages Home by robbing his display, Homer's mother pushes her husband to make a deal to end the strike so one of the employees can hurry and make and ship a replacement out to Homer before the official judging the next day. The rest of the town also gives Homer a loud cheer over the phone and then the hero's welcome he gets when he comes back home and gets off the bus.
  • Homer began making his rockets from the mine's workshop (Something he really shouldn't been doing), and one of the workers, Ike Bvkovsky, helped him make his rocket parts, even teaching him littler by little how to use them. When Homer's father found out about this, he gave Bvkovsky a different job in working inside the mines. Later on in the film, Ike Bvkovsky is killed in a Mining Disaster, and Homer is devastated to see not only the man who helped him from the start dead, but also see that his Father was injured as well, he takes Bvkovsky's number tag from the clock in board, as a good luck charm. During the award presentation, what is he holding when 1st place is about to be announced? Bvkovsky's Number Tag.
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  • Homer's father finally going to watch Homer launch his rocket at the end of the movie followed by him slowly putting his arm around Homer's shoulder and smiling at him.

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