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Heartwarming / My Neighbor Totoro

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  • Mei falling asleep on Totoro's chest.
  • The Kusakabe sisters thanking the Bodhisattva of the shrine they seek shelter from the rain in. The bodhisattva is Jizō (地蔵), patron bodhisattva of travellers.
  • Totoro finally realizing what the umbrella does. And then there's fact that it never occurs to him later on, be it when he steps into the Catbus and when he appears on a balmy summer night, to close the umbrella when he doesn't need it,
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  • The Catbus' destination locator and subsequent meow "MEEEEI" is a definite "Aww" moment. FOREST HILLS > CEMETERY/SHRINE > MEI
  • Right after the Catbus helps Satsuki find Mei, it switches its sign to Shichikokoyama Hospital, offering to transport the girls to their mother.
  • The fact that the largest Totoro seemed absolutely delighted to be of assistance in searching for Mei, not minding a bit that he was awoken from his nap by a frightened human girl pleading for his help.
  • Any of the interactions with the girls and their father. Special mention to when they're all walking home from the bus stop and he lets them hang from his arms.
    • A lot of parents who hear their children speak of spirits and other supernatural creatures would tell them to knock it off or that it is all in their heads, but this father only ever remains cheerfully open-minded with what his daughters tell him.


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