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Heartwarming / Moonstruck

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  • Grandpa goes to a recently dead friend. When his dogs start digging at the grave, Grandpa scolds them, "Leave him alone. He's sleeping."
  • Surprisingly, Nic Cage's "Get in my bed" speech following his trip to the opera with Cher.
    • The ending, when Grandpa consoles Johnny:
      Grandpa: Don't you see now? You are a part of the family!
      • Then Johnny takes part in the family celebration, toasting, "To the family!"
  • After Rose demands Cosmo stop cheating on her.
    Cosmo: A man understands one day that his life is built on nothing, and that's a bad, crazy day.
    Rose: (angry) Your life is not built on nothing! (beat, then softer) Ti amo.
    (Rose slides her hand across the table.)
    Cosmo: (softly) Anch'io ti amo. (blows her a kiss)

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