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Heartwarming / Moonrise Kingdom

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  • When the Scout troop do a Heel–Face Turn and decide to help Sam and Suzy. Followed up later with a second act of kindness at Fort Lebanon. The leader of the breakaway troop insists that the $76 in nickels be given to the couple. "I worry about their future."
  • Captain Sharp's actions during the rescue at the church counts, but also what he does afterwards. He picks up Sam from the Bishops' house, giving away that he knows Sam is visiting Suzy against her parents' wishes.
    • And what's more, his motivation for letting this happen could be that it's his way of being, in a symbolic sense, close to Mrs. Bishop.
    • Further, since Suzy’s siblings let Sam visit (and apparantly don’t tell their parents), this likely means Suzy now has a better relationship with them.
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  • Sam and Suzy's entire relationship is so adorable, especially given how isolated they are, and how much trouble they have interacting with other people.
  • Scoutmaster Ward's dedication to his job in general. He's in charge of a boyscout troop, but darned if he isn't A Father to His Men, trying to keep them all safe. There's also the scene where he contacts Sam's parents, only to learn for the first time that Sam is an orphan. Oh, and that the foster parents have decided to not let Sam come home. Scoutmaster Ward is just stunned and angry that Sam would be put through that.
    • Ward telling Sam that if he'd had time to inspect the runaway campsite, he probably would've given it a "Commendable".


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